Figure 3: Involvement of Stat-3, NFκB and PI3K in the adiponectin-stimulated migration of SW480 cells. A, the activity of Stat-3 was blocked using 200 μg/ml of specific Stat-3 inhibitor peptide. B, NFκB activation was suppressed by incubation of the cells with 10 nM of NFκB activation inhibitor, and in C, PI3K was inhibited by treatment of the cells with 5 μM of the specific inhibitor LY294002. The graphs show mean values of 3 independent experiments (90 cells were analyzed per sample). None of the inhibitor concentrations reduced the viability of the cells as was assessed by propidium-iodide staining and flow cytometry. Statistical significance (p < 0.05) was calculated using Student`s t-test. D, immunoblots of total and phosphorylated NFκB and Akt after incubation of SW480 cells for 35 minutes (NFκB) or 15 minutes (Akt) with adiponectin and Ly294002 alone or in combination.