Figure 4: Changes in gene expression and cytokine release of SW480 cells in response to adiponectin. A, SuperArray results; SW480 cells significantly regulate the expression of certain genes representative of 18 different signal transduction pathways after incubation with adiponectin for 6 hours. Mean values and standard deviation of the up- and downregulation of genes in response to adiponectin are given in relation to untreated control cells of three independent experiments. Solely the statistically significant gene expression changes are shown. B, cytokine release of SW480 cells after two days incubation with or without adiponectin in combination with LY294002 or NFκB activation inhibitor in culture medium lacking FCS. The graphs show mean intensities and standard deviation of three independently carried out experiments. We used Student’s t-test to calculate statistical significance. Changes with p ≤ 0.035 are marked by an asterisk.