Figure 6: Nodule formation and simultaneous angiogenic response in the CAM after implantation of MCF7 cells transfected with A) Sirt7 RNAi or B) mock transfection. A dense network of newly formed capillaries from the chick chorioallantoic membrane directed toward a 72-h implant was predominant in MCF7 cells transfected with Sirt7 RNAi when compared to the control cells. Mock transfected MCF7 remained on the ectodermal surface whereas MCF7 cells transfected with Sirt7 RNAi formed deeper and larger masses with evidence of central necrosis and thrombosis of some of the newly formed vessels. Both nodules are seen from above. C) Tumor weights 7 days after implantation on the CAM. Results are presented as mean ± SE; n=6; *: P<0.005.