Figure 3: rR9-GRIM19 altered STAT3-regulated/ related gene expressions including IL-10 in A20 cells in culture. (A): DNA microarray analyses of STAT3-regulated and STAT3-related gene expression profiles of A20 cell after treatment with rR9-fusion protein in culture. Total RNA from rR9-GFP (control)-treated or rR9-GRIM19-treated A20 cells was analyzed on a DNA microarray. Normalized and original counts of each gene (left panel) and relative % changes against rR9-GFP (control)-treated sample (right panel) are presented. (B)(C): Analyses of IL-10/ IL-6 concentrations in A20-conditioned (B) or B16-conditioned (C) supernatant by ELISA analyses in the absence or presence of rR9-fusion proteins (1μM/ ml). Data are representative of two individual experiments. Data from only one representative experiment is shown. (** p < 0.01).