Figure 2: Tissue microarray (TMA) construction and measurement of mEHT related tumor destruction. A) 2 mm diameter cores selected from the damagedintact tumor border (1 and 2) and from the damaged tumor center (3) of each sample. B) Damaged tumor areas (labeled D and circled in red) and the whole tumor areas (labeled W and circled in blue and) are measured with software. Tumor destruction ratio (TDR) is calculated by dividing the D by the W values both in the treated (t) and untreated (u) tumors. Tumor destruction efficiency (TDE) is a correlation between TDR values of the treated and untreated tumors. C) Graph showing significantly higher TDR values (*p<0.05) in treated (black boxes) than in untreated (grey boxes) tumors. D) Graph showing the treatment related increase of TDE values going up to a 7-fold difference at 72h.