Figure 3: Significant elevation of DNA fragmentation revealed by TUNEL assay (green fluorescence), nuclear shrinkage and apoptotic bodies (H&E staining; arrows) in mEHT treated (upper row) compared to untreated tumors (lower row), at 48h post-treatment (A). Insets show single channel views of areas within rectangles at higher power. TUNEL and DAPI (blue) double positivity verifies nuclear DNA staining in identical cells labeled 1-3. Untreated tumor cells (e.g. those labeled 1-2) show only basic green fluorescence. Bar indicates 50 μm in the left column and 15 μm in the right column. Graph showing B) significantly increased mean number of TUNEL positive cells both at 24h and 48h post-treatment (black columns); and C) of apoptotic bodies at 48h and 72h post-treatment (black columns) compared to the untreated controls (grey columns) (*p<0.05, **p<0.01).