Figure 4: Upregulation of TRAIL-R2 in HT29 xenografts 8h after mEHT treatment measured in apoptosis protein arrays (A). Double dot blots represent duplicated antibody probes and broken line shows relative TRAIL-R2 expression in the untreated controls. B) Strong expression of TRAIL-R2 protein in the tumor cell membranes (Alexa564, red fluorescence) at 8h post-treatment (upper row) compared to the untreated tumors of the opposite legs (lower row). Areas in rectangles are highlighted in insets at high power (middle column). Yellow lines surround areas where signal intensity exceeds the standard positivity threshold (masked area) measured with the HistoQuant software (right column). Relative mask areas (rMA) are calculated by dividing the means of MAs by the means of the whole areas. Bar indicates 50 μm in the left column, 15 μm in the middle column and 10 μm in the right column. C) Graph showing significantly increased rMA values (**p<0.01) of TRAIL-R2 protein expression in the treated (black columns) compared to the untreated tumors (grey columns) at both 8h and 14h post-treatment.