Figure 1: Sequence alignment of Brassica juncea annexin 1 (BjAnn1) with human annexins. (A) The amino acid sequences of BjAnn1 (ABB59547) and human annexins A2 (AAH23990), A3 (CAG28576.1), A8 (AAH73755.1) and A13 (CAA77578.1) were aligned using ClustalW2 and The blue and gray highlighting indicates conserved and semi-conserved substitutions, respectively, in the multiple sequence alignment. (B) Representative four annexin domains (domain I: 28-80aa, domain II: 100-152aa, domain III: 183-232aa and domain IV: 259-311aa) in BjAnn1 and human annexins A2, A3, A8 and A13 were identified by SMART sequence analyses. Sequence logos were created by subjecting the domain-specific sequence alignment as input to WebLogo 3.3 program ( The height of each amino acid directly reflects the degree of conservation and frequency of that amino acid in the alignment.