Sample source Biomarkers
Nipple aspirate Lipophilin B
Nipple aspirate Beta globulin
Nipple aspirate Vitamin D binding protein
Serum HER2
Nipple aspirate Alpha-2 HS glycoprotein
Serum CA-15-3
Serum HSP90
Serum p53
Nipple aspirate Hemopexin
Serum BRCA1, BRCA2
Serum Estrogen receptor
Serum Androgen receptor
Serum Progesterone receptor
Tissue Stem cells (in developmental phase)
Blood Circulating tumor cells (in metastasis)
Tissue Microtubule associated protein
Tissue Topoisomerase
Tissue Thymidine phosphorylase
Tissue Beta tubulin
Tissue Hyaluronic acid receptor
Tissue Folic acid receptor
Tissue MUC gene variants
Table 1: Established and investigational biomarkers of breast cancer.