Application Mediator Conjugation technique
Activation of enzymes Antibody NHS-Maleimide conjugation
Activation of enzymes Antibody 2-Iminothiolane conjugation
Activation of enzymes Antibody Glutaraldehyde mediated conjugation
Attaching thiol reactive groups Dendrimers NHS-PEG-Maleimide conjugation
Coupling glycoproteins Dendrimers Reductive amination
Iodine incorporation Small molecules Iodination using Chloramine-T
Coupling to hydrazide particles Nanoparticles Carbodiimide reaction
Antigen /hapten conjugation Liposomes Simple mixing with specific buffers
Antibody-liposome conjugate Liposome Sulfhdryl residue coupling or reductive amination
Liposome-mAb conjugation Liposome NHS ester of palmitic acid
Table 3: Specific reactions used for the modification of small molecules, antibody, dendrimeror nanoparticlesfor targeted drug delivery.