Figure 5: Serp-1 decreased MDSCs in NOD/SCID mice after pancreatic cancer cell transplantation. (A) CD3 staining of splenocytes from a C57BL6 mouse is provided as a positive control. (B) Lack of CD3 positive T cells is shown in the NOD/SCID mice used for cancer cell transplantation. (C) Representative dot plot illustrates the MDSC population in mice with pancreatic cancer after control treatment with saline. (D) Representative dot plot illustrating MDSC population positive for CD11b and Gr-1 markers for MDSC in mice with pancreatic cancer treated with Serp-1. (E) MDSCs were increased with pancreatic cancer growth (P=0.01) and significantly decreased after Serp-1 treatment in mice transplanted with Hs766t (n=9 total, P<0.001) or MIA PaCa-2 cells (n=8 total, P=0.016). (F) MDSC cell counts assayed by flow cytometry in splenocytes from SCID mice after MD-231 breast cancer growth were not significantly altered after Serp-1 treatment (n=13 total, P=0.41).