Figure 5: Effects of IMD-0354 on bulk human NSCLC cells and CSCs. Number of colony formation is shown in low attachment plates of A549 (A) and A549Luc (B) treated with 1 mM IMD-0354. (C) Western blots are shown of CSCs gene expression in sorted cells of side population (SP) and non-side population (non-SP). (D) A comparison of CSCs gene expression is made between A549 and A549Luc. (E) Western blot of CSCs gene expression in cytosolic and nuclear extracts from A549Luc cells treated with IMD-0354. Viability of A549Luc cells was assessed by MTT assay after treatment with IMD-0354 for 24 h (F), 48 h (G) and 72 h (H). Apoptotic cells are indicated as Annexin V-FITC+ cells as analyzed by FACS of A549Luc cells treated with IMD-0354 (I). Data are shown as mean ± SEM. *P-value < 0.05; **P-value < 0.01.