Figure 5: Inhibition of TGase 2 suppressed RCC tumor growth in vitro. A.ACHN cell and B. CAKI-1 cell suspension were injected subcutaneously into 6–8-week-old female nude BALB/c mice. When tumors reached a volume of 100 mm3, treatment with GK921 (8 mg/kg) was started. p<0.05; GK921-treated vs. normal control. C. Renal cell tumors harvested from nude BALB/c mice were analyzed by immunohistochemical staining with BrdU and p53 antibodies. After treatment with GK921, 0.1 mLBrdU (10 mg/mL) in sterile DPBS was injected i.p. Two hours later, the animals were anesthetized, perfused with PBS, and sacrificed. The RCC tumors were then excised.