Figure 2: Schematic illustration of non-collagenous ECM derived endogenous angioinhibitors’ signaling. Angiostatins: Bind ATP synthases, αVβ3 integrin and angiomotin. Inhibit FAK activity by binding of integrins and ATP synthase of ECs. Endorepellin: Binds α2β1 integrins and VEGFR-2. Binding to α2β1, TSP-1 activates cAMP-PKA/FAK/p38-MAPK/Hsp27. Thrombospondins (TSPs): Bind to CD36 and integrin associated protein (IAP) promoting Src-family protein kinases/Caspase-3/ p38 MAPK leading to apoptosis; different integrins (α3β1), CD47 and heparan sulfated proteoglycans (HSPGs) and TGF- β promoting tumor cell death.