Gene Antibody Ligands Cancer Cell Line
OC-3-VGH C-33A
(Observed percentages of gene expressionsa)
IgG RP215 108±2*b,c 160±5
  Anti-human IgG 105±5*c 166±4
NFκB-1 RP215 141±16 182±9
  Anti-human IgG 153±10 176±11
TLR-3 RP215 326±32 329±12
  Anti-human IgG 243±25 141±18
TLR-4 RP215 12±9 46±8
  Anti-human IgG 28±18 71±6
TLR-9 RP215 17±10 39±4
  Anti-human IgG 43±8 60±4
TLR-2 RP215   152±14
  Anti-human IgG   116±13
aThe gene expressions levels of cancer cells without treatments were adjusted to 100%. (based on comparison with the internal control gene of GAPDH) bAverage and standard deviation are presented in each case cAll data presented are statistically significant at P<0.01 except those labeled with *which are not statistical different from the negative control
Table 1: Effects of RP215 and anti-human IgG on Expressions of Selected Genes from OC-3-VGH ovarian and C-33A cervical cancer cells.