Figure 1: c-Cbl down-regulates the mitochondrial apoptosis pathway of mouse ventral prostate. One representative in vivo experiment of three independently conducted is reported. The number of mice used was at least 6 (n=6). A, B and C) BimEL expression is significantly higher in KO mice (p = 0.048) as is Smac/DIABLO (p = 0.0183) and Bak (p = 0.042), compared to WT mice. D, E and F) The inhibitor of apoptosis c-IAP1 is significantly lower in KO VP (p = 0.0201) as is XIAP (p = 0.035) compared to WT mice, whereas c-IAP2 is not. G) Processed (activated) caspase-9 was significantly higher in KO VP (p = 0.046). H) Procaspase-6 expression level after three day of 10mg/kg/day flutamide treatment (WTF versus KOF) is increased in KO mice (p = 0.0476) as it was with untreated mice (WT vs KO) (p = 0.0487). The ratio WT/KO stayed the same. I) Number of apoptotic cells from TUNEL experiments counted from c-Cbl KO and WT mouse VP tissue sections. The number of apoptotic cells reported to 100 epithelial cells from flutamide treated animals is indicated. KO VP supports significantly more apoptotic cells than WT (p= 0.0014). The ratio WT/KO stayed the same. TUNEL positive cells on VP sections of WT and KO untreated animals are showed on the right. Magnification bar = 50μm.