Figure 3: Human malignant tumours support a high c-Cbl expression. A) Western blotting of prostate cancer samples (black bar) compared to normal surrounding tissue (open bar) of six patients (P1 to P6). This experiment has been done 3 times (same patients). B to J) tumor tissues (right pictures) and healthy correspondent tissues (left pictures) stained with the anti-c-Cbl. Tissue Microarrays (TMA) spots of at least 6 different patients showed equivalent results: B) prostate versus prostate adenocarcinoma; C) ovary versus serous papillary carcinoma; D) uterus versus squamous cellular carcinoma; E) striated muscle versus rhabdomyosarcoma F) brain versus astrocytoma; G) lung versus squamous cellular carcinoma; H) colon versus colon adenocarcinoma; I) rectum versus rectum adenocarcinoma. J) lymph node versus lymphosarcoma. Magnification bar = 50μm.