c-Cbl expression APE1 expression
Tissue NT T NT T
Prostate w h w h
Breast h h h h
Ovary w h w h
Uterus w h w h
Brain w h w h
Muscles w h w h
Lung w h w h
Liver h h w h
Kidney h h h w
Bladder h h w h
Pancreas h h w h
Lymph nodes w h nd nd
Colon w h nd nd
Rectum w h nd nd
Skin h h nd nd
Oesophagus h h nd nd
Stomach h h nd nd
Table 1: Summary of c-Cbl expression and corresponding APE1 expression in non-tumoral and tumoral human tissues. APE1 reflects the oxidative stress sustained by cells. All malignancies and corresponding tissues analyzed in this work were stained either by the anti-c-Cbl (left column) or by the anti-APE1 (right column). NT: Non Tumoral Tissue; T: Tumour Tissue; W: Weak Expression; H: High Expression; Nd: Not Done.