Figure 7: A) Representative images of tumored lungs harvested during the course of the animal survival study, (a) healthy lung, (b) untreated group on day 20 (c) colchicine treated group on day 17 and (d) PCL-colchicine treated group on Day 2. (B) Kaplan Meier survival curves: Kaplan meier survival curves of untreated, colchicine treated and PCL-colchicine treated mice. Each experimental group consisted of n=5 mice; one mouse in the PCL-colchicine group was healthy on day 29, but was sacrificed to mark the end of the experiment. Statistics were performed using log rank mantel-cox method. The 95% CI are plotted and ** represents a p=0.0052, which is a statistically significant value compared to the untreated. Percent body weight changes in mice for each treatment group as follows: (C) Untreated control group, (D) colchicine treated group, and (E) PCL-colchicine treated group. Each graphical representation depicts a single mouse per experimental group.