Figure 5: Role of HIF-1 alpha and NFkB on pro-inflammatory genes modulation. The expression levels of VEGF,COX2, RAGE, HMOX, P2X7R and CXCR4 in NT shRNA and in HIF-1α shRNA clones, untreated and treated with parthenolide (P) were detected by RT PCR in normoxia and at the time points where hypoxia exerted its maximum increase in transcription. Values are expressed as fold induction with respect to normoxic control (set at 1) and represent the mean ± SE of three different experiments. 18S rRNA was used as housekeeping gene. HIF 1 alpha shRNA, NT shRNA +P, HIF 1 alpha shRNA +P vs NT shRNA: *P≤0.05, **P≤0.01, ***P≤0.001