Figure 4: Sensitivity of RUVBL2-depleted cells to anticancer agents and X-rays. siRNA for RUVBL2 (10 nM siRUVBL2-2, closed circle) or control siRNA (10 nM siCONT-M, open triangle) was transfected into MRC5-SV cells and incubated as described in Materials and Methods. Two days after transfection, the cells were treated with cisPt (A), azadC (B), MMC (C), or X-rays (D). The treated cells were further incubated in fresh medium for 7–8 days, and colonies were scored to calculate the surviving fraction. Data points are means of 3 independent experiments with standard deviation. Statistically significant differences in survival (t-test, p<0.05) between siRUVBL2-2-treated and siCONT-M-treated cells are indicated by asterisks.