Figure 2: Effect of IL-27 and apricoxib combination of EMT marker expression. A549 cells were treated with apricoxib for 4 hours prior to IL-27 exposure for 24 hours. Expression levels of markers responsible for the mesenchymal (N-cadherin, vimentin, and snail) and epithelial (E-cadherin, γ-catenin, and β-catenin) phenotypes were evaluated by Western Blot after exposure to IL-27 (50 ng/mL) or apricoxib (0.016-2 μM) for 24 hours alone or in combination. The combination treatment resulted in down-regulation of N-cadherin (at 1 μM apricoxib) and Snail and up-regulation of the epithelial markers when compared to the IL-27 alone treatment group. The values above the figures represent relative density of the bands after normalization to GAPDH.