Figure 3: Effect of apricoxib on IL-27 mediated inhibition of cell motility in vitro. (A) Scratches were made in 90~95 % confluence after A549 cells were treated with IL-27 (50 ng/ml) at 60~70% confluence. The cells were then observed up to 4 days under the microscope for cell motility (100x magnification). The edges of the wound at day 0 are outlined with solid black lines. (B) The effect of apricoxib (0.016-2 μM) alone or with pre-treatment for 4 hours followed by IL-27 exposure (50 ng/mL) on A549 cell motility after 4 days of culture. Scratches were generated in the same way as in (A). Images were analyzed and % area invaded was measured as described in Materials and Methods.