Figure 7: Snai2 is associated with short-term survival of ovarian cancer patients and is upregulated in ovarian serous carcinoma. A, Snai2 expression in top and lower 10% of surviving patients with ovarian cancer in the TCGA database (p =0.0202). B. Snai2 expression was examined in 16 human serious carcinoma and 5 normal ovarian tissue specimens using real-time RT-PCR (p = 0.0013). C, D. One representative image of Snai2 and PCNA expression was shown by immunofluorescence staining of sections of six different human serous ovarian carcinomas (C) and three normal ovarian tissue specimens (D). E, F. Representative H&E-stained sections of six serous carcinomas (E) and three normal ovarian tissue specimens (F) with low and high magnification. G. miR-203 functions as a tumor suppressor in ovarian cancer by downregulating Snai2 as described in the schematic diagram.