Figure 3: Images before and after treatment with LEC/chTNT-3 and toceranib phosphate. A) Patient 5 from Table 1 with stage IV oral melanoma showing ulcerated tumor. Main tumor mass is 70 cm3 before treatment, and 31 cm3 after treatment with LEC/chTNT-3. B) Patient 15 from Table 1 with stage III squamous cell carcinoma. Tumor is denoted by the red circles. After 3 weeks, over 90% of the tumor mass has been resolved. Residual tumor and scar tissue can be seen by the white tissue on the black nasal planum. C) Patient 19 from Table 1 with stage IIIb histiocytic sarcoma. The right thoracic limb is shown. Tumor nodules are indicated by the red arrows. Complete resolution of 4 of the 6 nodules following treatment can be seen in these images.