Figure 8: Study of the effect of synthetic/pure SCFAs (separately or mixed) on colon cancer and non-neoplastic colon cells. Confirmation of the non-cytotoxic effect of (a) lactic, (b) acetic, (c) propionic, (d) butyric acids and (e) their mixtures on normal epithelial colon cells (CRL-1831). Determination of the antiproliferative activity of (f) lactic, (g) acetic, (h) propionic, (i) butyric and (j) their mixtures on CRL-1831 normal epithelial colon cells anti-proliferative activity (f, g, h, I and j, respectively) on Caco-2 human colon carcinoma cells. The data values represent the mean ± SEM (n=5). * p < 0.05, **p < 0.01 ***p < 0.001 compared to control. LA: lactic acid, AC: acetic acid, PA: propionic acid, BA: butyric acid.