Product Strain L. fermentum NCIMB 5221
  Controls L. acidophilus ATCC 314
    L. rhamnosus NCIMB 53103
  Characterization Growth in MRS
    Fatty acids levels in bacterial culture
  Probiotic cell free extracts PS: probiotic supernatant (culture based)
    Bacterial culture supernatant
    CM: conditionned medium (bacterial cell based)
    Cell media DMEM treated with bacterial cells
Effect Anti-proliferative effect Colon cancer cells + PS or CM (12h , 24 h, and 7 dys)
    Proliferation and apoptosis
  Cancer cells vs normal epithelial cells CM+ colon cell
    CM + non-epithelial colon cells
    (1, 2, 3 and 7 d)
Mechanism Role of SCFAs produced in CM Quantification (lactate, acetate, propionate and butyrate)
    Preparation of synthetic SCFA mixtures
  Testing different mixture of SCFAs Decreasing doses of LA, AA, PA and BA and their mixtures
Table 1: Outline of the study on characterizing the anti-carcinogenic potential of L. fermentum NCIMB 5221 and the role of natural and synthetic SCFAs.