CD20mAbs MFC/ Type Source Regimen (dose mg/m2) Mechanism of action Generation
Rituximab (Rituxan, MabThera and Zytux) Approved in US 1997 Biogen, Idec and Genentech Type I mAb Chimeric Rituximab (166 patients with Refractory/ relapsed FL, ORR 48%) [8,77,78] R-GMCSF (49 Patients with relapsed FL, ORR 74% [79] R-bendamustine (33 patients with Relapsed FL or MCL, ORR 70%) [80,81] R-CHOP (63 Untreated patients of DLBCL, ORR 90% ) [82] CDC, ADCC, PCD, ADCP First
Y90 -Ibritumomabtiuxetan (Zevalin) Approved in US 2002 Biogen IDEC Pharmaceuticals Corp Type I mAb Murine IgG1κ Zevalin (54 patients of Rituximab refractory FL, ORR 74%) [83,84] Zevalinvs Rituximab, randomized multicenter study (143 patients of Relapsed or refractory FL, ORR 80 vs56%) [84,85] High CDC Low ADCC
Tositumomab (B1)  and I131-Tositumomab (Bexxar) Approved in US 2003 Corixa, Glaxo Smithkline Type II mAb Murine IgG2aλ Bexxar (250 patients of Relapsed/refractory indolent FL and transformed NHL, ORR 47%-68% repectively) [86] Bexxar (76 patients of Stage III or IV FL, ORR 95%) [87] Bexxar +Fludarabine (35 patients of Early stage FL, ORR 98%) [88] Bexxarvstositumomab (78 patients of Relapsed or refractory NHL, ORR 55% vs19%) [89-91] High PCD Low CDC
Reditux Approved in India 2007 Dr. Reddy Laboratories Type I mAb Murine IgG1 Reditux (72 patients of DLBCL, CR 82%) [92] Biosimilar
Ocrelizumab (2H7; PRO70769) Phase III Genentech /Roche/ Biogen Type I mAb Humanized IgG1 Ocrelizumab (47 patients of Relapsed/Refractory FL, ORR 38%) 750 [33] High ADCC Low CDC Second (Humanized and Fully Human)
Veltuzumab (IMMU-106; hA20) Phase II Immunomedics USA Type I mAb Humanized IgG1κ Veltuzumab (82 patients of Relapsed/refractory B-cell NHL) 80-750 [32] 44% ORR in  FL 83% ORR in MZL 43% ORR in DLBL High CDC
Ofatumumab (2F2; HuMax-CD20; Arzerra) Approved in US 2009 Genmab, Glaxosmithkline Typr I mAb Fully Human IgG1κ OFA, 500-1000 (116 patients of Refractory FL, ORR 13-10%) [93] OFA-CHOP, 500-1000 (59 patients of Untreated FL, 90-100%) [94] OFA-FC, 500-1000 (61 patients of Frontline therapy for CLL, 77-73%) [95] High CDC  
Ocaratuzumab (AME-D, AME-133) Phase II Mentrik Biotech, Applied molecular evolution Type I mAb Humanized IgG1(Engineered Fc portion) Ocaratuzumab, 100-375 (56 patients of Relapsed/Refractory FL, ORR 36%) [96] Ocaratuzumab, 375 (50 patients of Relapsed/Refractory FL with low-affinity genotype of FcγRIIIa, ORR 30%) [97] High ADCC Third (Humanized or fully human with modified Fc region)
PRO131921 (RhuMAb; v114) Phase I/II Genentech Type I mAb Humanized IgG1(Engineered Fc portion) PRO131921, 25-800 (24 patients of Relapsed/refractory B cell NHL, ORR 27%) [98] High CDC Low ADCC
Obinutuzumab (GA101;Gazyva) Approved in US Nov 2013 Roche Type II mAb Humanized IgG2κ(Glycoengineered Fc portion) GA101, 1600/800- 400/400 (29 patients of Refractory B-cell NHL, ORR 60-35%)  [99] G-CHOP, 1600/800-400/400 (28 patients of Relapsed or refractory FL, ORR 94%) [100,101] G-FC, 1600/800-400/400  (28 patients of Relapsed or refractory FL, ORR 93%) [100] High PCD&ADCC, Low CDC
Ublituximab (LFB-R603, EMAB-6) Phase I GTC Bio therapeutics, LFB Biotechnologies Type I mAb Chimeric; IgG1 Glycoengineered Ublituximab, (12 patients of Advanced CLL, ORR 35%) [102] High ADCC
TRU-015 Phase II Trubion Pharmaceuticals Inc., Wyeth Single chain protein SMIL 37 patients of RA patients [74] High ADCC Low CDC
Table 3: List of anti-CD20 monoclonal antibodies.