Figure 1: Comparative expression analysis of miR-21 and miR-205 in 37 pancreatic cancer patient’s tumor specimens compared to 24 pooled normal samples of FFPE tissue blocks (1A&1D), comparative expression analysis in 24 paired samples of FFPE tissue blocks of tumor and normal tissue samples from the same patient (1B&1E) quantitated individually using qRT-PCR. The Kaplan-Meier curve and Log-ranks tests for miR-21 (1C) and miR-205 (1F) expression and survival of patients are also presented. There was a significant up-regulation of miRNA-205 in almost all tumor samples when compared to Normal (1D&1E). Overall, a larger percentage of miR-21 appears to be up-regulated, in tumor samples than normal samples (1A&1B). The miRNAs expression was normalized using RNU48 miRNA. P values represent comparison between normal and tumor paired samples (1B,1E) using Wilcoxon matched pairs t-test.