Figure 1: (A) Optimisation of MCF7 overexpression with a plasmid expression vector. The effect of different amounts plasmid DNA (CTCF tagged and empty vector) and transfection reagent on CTCF protein expression is shown. Shown is about 80% CTCF protein overexpression using 1.2 μg of DNA and 3 μl of attractene transfection reagent compared to 1.2 μg of the empty vector (EV) pCI. (B) MCF7 cell RNA interference (RNAi) with CTCF and non-target siRNA. MCF7 cells treated with 100 pmol and 250 pmol of CTCF and nontarget siRNA using 2.66 μl of DharmaFECT1 as transfection reagent and incubated for 72 h. About 90% CTCF protein knockdown demonstrated with both siRNA concentrations.