Figure 1: Silver-stained 2D electrophoregrams of proteins, extracted from cultivated cell lines and specimens of prostate tissues. A - DU-145 (IPG-2DE), B - DU-145 (IF-2DE), C - PC-3, D - LNCaP, E - BPH-1, F – sample of prostate tissues with malignant tumor. In Figure 1E Protein-Markers of Mm (200-10 kDa) are shown on left border. 1-12 – Twelve common proteins that identified on 2D electrophoregrams of protein preparations by using MALDI-TOF MS and MALDI-TOF MS/MS (Details in Table 1). I, II, III – “Rectangles” in 2D electrophoregrams marked out for the further comparative analysis (the explanatory in the text).