Figure 7: Effect of Dox, EJWR and EJWR + Dox (5 μM) on TNF-α production from MCA FS-stimulated NK cells isolated from healthy and TBM. A) Dox at 0.05 and 0.5 μM from NK-TBM increased the production of TNF-α (*p<0.01 compared with its 0 counterpart), B) EJWR increased TNF-α production from both NK cells (*p<0.01 compared with its 0 counterpart). C) The combination EJWR + Dox (5 μM) also increased TNF-α production from NK-TBM at 1-100 μg/ml and at 100 μg/ml from NK-H cells (**p<0.001 compared with Dox counterpart).