No. Race Follow up, Y Age at Pca, Y Age at Lipoma, Y PSA, ng/mL Pca Treatment Lipoma Resection Pca Stage at Diagnosis Outcome
1 Black/AA 0.0 67.9 67.9 16.7 None No T1cMx Deceaseda
2 Black/AA 0.3 56.5 56.6 4.8 None No T1cM0 Unknownb
3 Black/AA 1.3 66.6 65.6 13.3 Radiation Yes T1cM0 Alivec
4 Hispanic 2.4 68.9 69.3 6.0 None No T1cM1b Deceasedd
5 Hispanic 5.5 68.0 73.4 74.2 Radiation, hormones No T1cM1b Deceasede
6 Hispanic 6.9 72.9 79.8 7.9 Radiation, hormones No T1cM1b Deceasedf
7 Hispanic 9.4 65.1 71.2 8.5 Prostatectomy No T1cM0 Aliveg
Abbreviations: Pca: Prostate cancer; PSA: Prostate specific antigen; AA: African American; Y: years a Deceased secondary to necrotic transverse colon lipoma. b Patient did not return to facility after prostate cancer diagnosis. c K-ras G12V mutation of ileocecal lipoma with subsequent resection. d Death presumed secondary to esophageal cancer with bone metastasis at Pca diagnosis. e Unknown cause. Bone metastasis at Pca diagnosis with history of bilateral lower extremity amputations and upper extremity thrombectomy. f Deceased secondary to necrotic ileocecal lipoma with bone metastasis of Pca at diagnosis. g Patient with no record of hospitalizations nine years after prostatectomy.
Table 1: Outcomes of Men with Colonic Lipoma and Prostate Cancer.