Enzyme Substrate/Fuel Natural/Artificial electron acceptor Co-factor Half-cell reaction Reference
Glucose oxidase Glucose O2 FAD Glucose → Glucono-1,5lactone+2H++2e- [226-228]
Glucose dehydrogenase Glucose NAD NAD Glucose → Glucono-1,5lactone+2H++2e- [227]
Glucose dehydrogenase Glucose Quinone PQQ Glucose → Glucono-1,5lactone+2H++2e- [227]
Cellobiose dehydrogenase Glucose FAD Heme Glucose → Glucono-1,5lactone+2H++2e- [229-232]
  Cellobiose FAD Heme Cellobiose → Cellobiono-1,5lactone+2H++2e- [233]
Fructose dehydrogenase Fructose FAD Heme Fructose → 5-dehydrofructose+2H++2e- [234-235
Succinate dehydrogenase Succinate FAD Fe-S Succinate → Fumarate+2H++2e- [236]
Alcohol dehydrogenase Ethanol PQQ Heme Ethanol → Acetaldehyde+2H++2e- [237]
Oxalate oxidase Glycerol O2 FAD,Mn Oxalate → 2CO2+2H++2e- [227]
Pyruvate dehydrogenase Pyruvate NAD NAD Pyruvate+SCoA→acetylCoA+2H++2e- [227]
Hydrogenase Hydrogen   Fe-S H2→2H++2e- [238]
Membrane-bound hydrogenase Hydrogen   Fe-S H2→2H++2e- [239]
Table 1: Some of the most studied enzymes for anodic oxidation and their respective reactions.