Figure 4: Papilloma outgrowth in HLA-A2.1 transgenic rabbits after half-dose of CRPVE1/161-169, 245-253, 42-50, 303-311, 149-157 or HPV16E7/82-90 epitope DNA vaccination. Four HLA-A2.1 transgenic rabbits immunized with half-dose (6 shots/each ear instead of 12 shots for normal immunization) each of the five epitope or a HPV16E7/82-90 epitope DNA vaccine were challenged with wtCRPV and coCRPV at four left and right back sites respectively. Significantly smaller papillomas were found in CRPVE1/303-311 , 149-157 and 42-50 epitope DNA vaccinated rabbits when compared with those in other three epitope DNA and HPV16E7/82-90 vaccinated rabbits challenged with both wtCRPV DNA (A) and coCRPV DNA (B) (P<0.01 vs. control group, unpaired student t test). No significant difference was found between these two CRPVE1/245-253, CRPVE1/161-169 and HPV16E7/82-90 epitope vaccinated rabbits (P>0.05, unpaired student t test).