Narayana is well-recognized in the industry as he received the AMA Vintage Iron Lifetime Achievement Award in 2000 and the MIC Chairman’s award earlier this year. Yet, this award is equally significant and was presented to Narayana by his longtime friends and colleagues Bevo Forte and Steve Hudson. Once the award was announced and Narayana began his descent toward the stage he was greeted with a standing ovation from his peers in the industry that stood and cheered from the crowd.


In addition to his long-term career with KTM, Narayana, served as a contributing member to the MIC for the past sixteen years (several of those years as a Board Member) and has nearly 40 years experience in the motorcycle industry as a whole. Narayana’s commitment to the growth and betterment of the motorcycle industry has made him an icon to the sport of Supercross and Motocross.


“Although Selvaraj’s longevity and loyalty with KTM is well known, his contributions to the sport and industry transcend any one particular brand. His dedication, insightfulness, hard work and respect of our sport benefit our entire industry. He is richly deserving of such recognition and honor, and it is our honor and privilege to work with Selvaraj Narayana,” commented KTM North America’s Director of Marketing Jeff Salamon.


Narayana was extremely honored to receive this prestigious award and commented, “Thank you to my many friends from the industry. My years in the sport have made up the best part of my life. I am happy to have worked with so many people that share the same passion for our sport as I do. Thank you Live Nations and my industry friends for this generous award.”


Following his acceptance speech, Narayana, announced that he has taken a new position at KTM Austria and will be frequently traveling in between India, Austria and the USA. Narayana stated, “I am thrilled to have been asked to lead the projects with KTM and Bajaj over in India. I have many more goals to accomplish in my life and I believe this is the next step toward accomplishing my goals for the future.”