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OMICS Group International through its scholarly open access initiative is committed to make genuine and reliable contributions to the scientific community. It provides the best way to publish the original research work through best open access journals allowing researchers, potential learners and the academic fellow from respective domain to access the same works for free, which also results in quick dissemination of findings and a wide impact. OMICS Group International handles over 500 leading-edge and best open access journals through a smooth peer-review process. These journals have over 2 million readers and over 30,000 eminent personalities as editorial members to its credit to promote rapid, quality and quick review processing. Alongside OMICS Group Conferences division hosts about 300 conferences with numbers steadily growing each year. OMICS Group International had signed agreement with more than 1000 scientific associations worldwide to make health care and scientific information open access.
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OMICS Group International handles the best open access journals through a smooth peer-review process. Open access is the good opportunity for authors to present their findings before international audience. Authors who publish with OMICS Group peer reviewed journals retain the copyright and moral rights of their works. Scholarly open access journals use the peer review process to ensure and maintain the quality of material they publish and for their scholastic notoriety.

Open Access should be seen as a means of accelerating scientific discovery by providing free and unrestricted access of scientific knowledge via the Internet. An essential role of the best open access journals is the long-term preservation of peer-reviewed scholarly articles and research data. Under the open access license, authors consent to make articles legally accessible for reuse, without authorization or expenses for virtually any purpose. Readers of the open access articles have the right to distribute, reproduce, and publish adapted works, with proper citation and no manipulation of original content in the respective abstracts or whole papers.

Providing the latest and the best on cutting edge research and development on a world stage, OMICS group continues to concert International Conferences with excellence along with the best open access journals. OMICS group International has flagged its eminence all over the world in catering the needs of current theoretical and empirical perspectives. Scholarly publishers through its newly founded online journals tend to be more proactive in experimentation and innovation than the commercial mainstream journals. They can support the emergence of new areas of study and new approaches to scholarship.

As all the scholarly journals of OMICS Group International are open access, they help in increasing the impact factor of journals through increased citations. Authors have the benefit of increasing citations to their work when compare to the traditional subscription-based journals. Open Access is a definitive and inevitable model for scientific publishing. The OMICS open access scientific journals are published in collaboration with authoritative journals and societies as well as supported by internationally renowned editorial board members. It had undergone with the mutual collaboration signed agreement with more than 1000 scientific associations worldwide to make health care and scientific information open access.