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The most important component of Geographic Information Systems is its requirement for spatial data. Spatial data is any kind of information that has been collected, compiled, or processed with a spatial component, that is, a tie to a geographic location on the surface of the Earth. It so happens that this is a large segment of the spatial industry, often consuming an appreciable portion of dollars assigned to GIS implementation projects. Spatial data management is increasingly a consideration in any information management system (IMS) due to the fact that large amounts of data are being collected with spatial components. Businesses and government organizations are realizing that a traditional IMS does not allow an organization to leverage the value of spatial information inherent in their data. This has led to the development of software tools as extensions to commercial Data Management Systems (DMS) that allow for better storage, manipulation, and query of spatial data.

Considering the importance of quality spatial data, there are a number of operations that play important roles in the GIS Industry they are Data collection and extraction, Data conversion and compilation, Data management and integration, Organizational integration and training, Infrastructure implementation, Software application development, Information query and distribution and applications of GIS.

  • Geospatial Industry
  • Software application development
  • Applied GIS
  • Business Segments and Opportunities
  • Research and Development
  • Data collection and Extraction

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