3d & 4d Materials Science

Predicting and characterizing structure in 4D – from the nanoscale to the mesoscale and over time scales ranging from picoseconds to years – will be crucial for speedy deployment of new materials into advanced engineering systems. Concerned materials systems incorporate amorphous alloys, advanced metallics, ceramics, and nanocrystalline materials, with an emphasis on the role of defects and interfaces.

  • Microstructure/property relationships in three-dimensionally braided composites
  • Innovative instrumentation for 3D tomography
  • New in-situ testing approaches
  • 3D Printing Materials
  • Challenges in 3D Materials Science
  • Antimicrobial Monomers
  • Applications of Polymers
  • Synthetic Methods
  • Amorphous Semiconductors
  • Silicon and Germanium
  • Organic semiconductors
  • Organic semiconductors Hydrogenated Amorphous
  • Semiconductor characterization techniques

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