Acquatic ecology

Aquatic ecology includes the study of these relationships in all aquatic environments, including oceans, estuaries, lakes, ponds, wetlands, rivers, and streams.   Amphibian nature incorporates the investigation of these connections in every single sea-going environment, including seas, estuaries, lakes, lakes, wetlands, waterways, and streams. Groups of living beings that are reliant on each other and on their surroundings live in oceanic biological communities. The two primary sorts of amphibian biological communities are marine environments and freshwater biological systems. Marine biological communities cover around 71% of the Earth's surface and contain roughly 97% of the planet's water. They create 32% of the world's net essential generation. They are recognized from freshwater biological communities by the nearness of broke down mixes, particularly salts, in the water. Around 85% of the broke down materials in seawater are sodium and chlorine. Freshwater environments cover 0.78% of the Earth's surface and occupy 0.009% of its aggregate water. They create almost 3% of its net essential generation. Freshwater biological communities contain 41% of the world's known fish species.

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