Active & Intelligent Packaging

The Active and Intelligent Packaging both include functions that move apart from the containment and protection of a product. The dissimilarity between the two is that while active packaging acts directly with the packaged product by interacting chemically or biologically with it. The objective of intelligent packaging is to identify and communicate information about the product condition, without taking any direct action.

The goal of Active and Intelligent Packaging is to extend shelf life, monitor freshness, and to improve safety and suitability. Active Packaging aims to monitor the condition of the packaged goods. The Active food packaging interacts with its contents chemically or biologically just to extend shelf-life and maintain food quality for as long as possible. While the Intelligent Packaging aims to inform. It can intellect trait of the product and communicate this info to users or trigger active packaging functions. Its main purpose is to indicate whether the quality of the product has deteriorated or not.


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