Adaptive Optics Progress

Adaptive optics (AO) is the science, art and technology of catching diffraction-limited pictures in adverse circumstances that would usually lead to strongly degraded picture quality and loss of resolution. In non-military applications, it was first offered and implemented in astronomy. AO knowledge has since been applied in many disciplines, including vision science, where retinal quality down to a few microns can be resolved by correcting the aberrations of ocular optics.
The conventional principle of AO is to measure the irregularities introduced by the media between an object of interest and its image with a wavefront sensor, analyse the measurements, and calculate a correction with a control computer. The alterations are applied to a deformable mirror (DM) positioned in the optical path between the object and its image, thereby enabling high-resolution imaging of the object.

  • Devices and techniques for sensorless adaptive optics
  • A solar adaptive optics system
  • Digital adaptive optics
  • Adaptive optics and optical vortices
  • Anisoplanatism of adaptive optical systems

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