Adolescent and Maternal Health

Adolescence is a sensitive phase in human development. It represents transformation from childhood to physical and psychological maturity. The very best proportions of early childbearing measure is found in Sub Saharan region, where birth rates among adolescents reach over two hundred births per a thousand women age 15–19. Countries like Central African Republic, Niger, Chad, Angola and Mali prime the list of states with highest adolescent birth rate (above 178).

Maternal health includes health of women throughout childbirth, pregnancy and also the postnatal period. It encompasses the health care aspects of preconception, prenatal, postnatal care and family planning. The major reasons for maternal morbidity and mortality include hemorrhage, unsafe abortion & obstructed labor.UNICEF has supported the national Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to improve the quality and coverage of high impact maternal health services.


  • Perinatal and Infant Health
  • Postpartum period
  • Maternal Oral Health
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Postnatal Depression
  • Pediatrics

Adolescent and Maternal Health Conference Speakers