Adrenal disorders

Adrenal gland is a small gland which was located on the top of each kidney. The adrenal glands which produce hormones that help to control heart rate, blood pressure, how body uses food, levels of minerals such as sodium & potassium in the blood, and other functions involved in stress reactions. Cushing’s syndrome, where there is production too much cortisol, while with Addison's disease, there is too little production of cortisol. Some people were born unable to make enough cortisol. The main adrenal gland disorders includes Genetic mutations tumor including ,infections, Certain medicines etc

  • The adrenal cortex and mineralocorticoid hypertension
  • Pheochromocytomas
  • Neuroblastoma
  • congenital adrenal hyperplasia
  • Harmonal Hypertension
  • Primary Hypertensionin children
  • Adrenal steroid excess in childhood
  • Adrenal insufficiency in childhood

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