Adult Immunization Challenges

Streptococcus pneumoniae has long been recognized as a leading cause of serious illnesses, such as pneumonia, bacteremia and meningitis in children as well as adults. The 2013 Active Bacterial Core Surveillance (ABCs) Report for S. pneumoniae estimates that there were 33,500 cases and 3,500 deaths due to invasive pneumococcal disease in the United States itself and the count is very high in developing countries in Asia and Africa. The estimation of the burden of invasive pneumococcal disease is straightforward since by definition it is the isolation of S. pneumoniae from a normally sterile site

  • Better understanding of vaccines in adults about nontraditional settings
  • To identify potential benefits and challenges in nontraditional settings
  • To identify additional nontraditional settings that could be explored and potentially used
  • To define areas where additional research is needed
  • To develop an effective immunization strategy
  • Integrating immunization programs in nontraditional settings
  • To develop quality standards for immunization programs
  • others

Adult Immunization Challenges Conference Speakers