Adult Stem Cells

Adult stemcells has divided into several isolated have been isolated from several tissue sources, including the central nervous system, bone marrow, retina and skeletal muscle. Adult stem cell refers to any cell which is found in a developed organism that has two properties that is the ability to divide and create another cell like itself and also divide and create a cell more differentiated than it. Also known as somatic stem cells and germ line stem cells giving rise to gametes. Consequently, adult stem therapies require a stem cell source of the specific lineage needed and harvesting and or culturing them up to the numbers required is a challenge. Adult stem cell treatments are using extensively for almost many years to treat diseases like blood disorders and bone and cartilage transplants.

  • Fetal Blood Cells
  • Neural Stem Cells
  • Mesenchymal Blood Cells
  • Trans DIfferentation
  • Oligopotent Stem Cells

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