Advanced 2D Materials

Two dimensional materials, frequently named as single layered crystalline materials comprises of single layer of iotas. A considerable research is going on about 2D materials because of their extraordinary properties. The progressed 2D materials of intrigue are graphene, graphyne, borophene, germanene, silicene, phosphorene, bismuthine and so forth. Among the carbon allotropes, graphene is a standout amongst the most adaptable individuals and has been broadly contemplated. Graphene is in a state i.e., in the middle of and called as a semi metal. In graphene, electrons/openings carry on as massless Dirac Fermion as a result of the straight vitality scattering, in this manner portability is observed to be high. graphene has high optical straightforwardness from close IR to close UV subsequently it can supplant indium tin oxide in straightforward directing cathodes.

  • Chemistry of 2-D Materials
  • Science and applications of graphene and new 2D materials
  • Correlation Effects in Graphene and 2D Materials

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