Advanced 2D Materials


<p style="\&quot;text-align:" justify;\"="">\r\n Two dimensional materials, often termed as single layered crystalline materials consist of single layer of atoms. An appreciable research goes on about 2D materials thanks to their outstanding properties. The advanced 2D materials of interest are graphene, graphyne, borophene, germanene, Silcene, phosphorene, bismuthine etc. Among the carbon allotropes, graphene is one amongst the foremost versatile members and has been extensively studied. Graphene is in an exceedingly state i.e., in between and called as a semi metal. In graphene, electrons/holes behave as massless Dirac Fermion due to the linear energy dispersion, thus mobility is found to be high. Graphene has high optical transparency from near IR to close UV hence it can replace indium tin oxide in transparent conducting.




  • Recent Progress on the Synthesis of 2D Nanosheets
  • High-tech Applications of 2D Materials
  • Graphene in Sensor Design
  • The Effects of Subtracts on 2D Crystals

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