Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Thermodynamics is a division of physics involved with heat and temperature and their relation to energy and work. Thermodynamics mainly deals about the relationship between work, heat and other forms of energy. Thermodynamics applies to a wide range of subjects in science and engineering, mainly physical chemistry, chemical engineering and mechanical engineering. Thermodynamics applies to a wide range of subjects in science and engineering, mainly physical chemistrychemical engineering and mechanical engineering. Thermodynamic equilibrium is one of the very important concepts of thermodynamics. A thermodynamic operation usually results in thermodynamic process of transfer of mass or energy that modifies the state of the system, and the transfer occurs in natural accord with the laws of thermodynamics. Thermodynamic systems are theoretical constructions used to model physical systems that convert matter and energy in terms of the laws of thermodynamics. Distributed control systems are helping end-users to address complex process automation challenges effectively.

  • The Phase Equilibrium Problem
  • Equilibrium and stability
  • Volumetric properties
  • Solubility of solids in compressed gases
  • High pressure phase diagrams
  • Polymer solutions

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