Advanced Graphene and Carbon Materials

Graphene is the crystalline form of carbon that has two dimensional (2D) properties where it consists of single layer of carbon atom arranged in hexagonal lattice. This allotrope of carbon is the basic structure of other allotropes such as diamond, carbon nanotubes, graphite, fullerenes. Graphite which is one of the allotrope of carbon is the softest material with is very good lubricant and is the conductor of electricity. Because of its known unique property, it is being used as thermal insulation. Natural graphite is of three types as crystalline, amorphous and vein. Carbon has numerous essential application in the living system. Carbon fibers which is composed mostly of carbon events, in the range of 5-10 micrometers has its application in composite materials, textiles, microelectrodes, Flexible heating. Carbon Nanotube is the cylindrical form of the allotropes of carbon has unusual thermal conductivity, mechanical and electrical properties and is valuable in the arenas of materials science, nanotechnology, electronic and optics.


  • 2D Materials heterostructures and superstructures
  • Graphene analogs
  • Hydrogen Technologies
  • Solarthermal Energy
  • Chemical functionalisation of Graphene
  • Graphene based products
  • Applications of Carbon in Energy
  • Semiconductor Materials and Nanostructures
  • Carbon nanotubes and graphene
  • Carbon dots

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