Advanced Materials Engineering

The advanced material industry  encompasses a full cycle form materials extraction, Primary production, processes development and material characterisation    to product fabrication, testing .Which expended in composite materials and biomaterials. The development of advanced material is associated with the generation of new knowledge and intellectual  property ,a combination of the association with advanced materials .The Advanced materials directorate has in the past financial year developed a baseline study on the sector in south Africa. The study entailed understanding the capabilities, opportunities, global trends, gaps and challenges of the industry, with a specific emphasis on Titanium, Nano-materials, advanced composites and Nanotechnology and industrial applications in aerospace, auto motives, construction, and electronics, medical, packaging and renewable energy (PV).There are many companies researching on Advanced materials, in which Morgan Advanced Materials is one of it.



  • Metallic materials and polymers
  • The next generation of composite materials
  • Functional materials
  • Ceramics and construction materials
  • Magnetic materials and electronic materials
  • Material properties and applications
  • Smart materials and other advanced materials
  • Processing and Services
  • Emerging areas of material science
  • Erosion
  • Global advancement in material market
  • Material chemistry
  • Surface science
  • Advances in instrumentation technology
  • Neat polymeric materials
  • Elastomers and thermoplastic elastomers
  • Advanced 2D materials
  • Fundamentals of thermodynamic modelling of materials

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